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Zephaniah - 1 BowTie & Mask


BowTie with Hanky + Face Mask
BowTie with Hanky

BowTie description

  • Verse 9 bowties are the ultimate in luxury neckwear. 
  • 100% Silk Woven Bowtie with matching pocket hanky.
  • Our colors are brighter, bolder, vibrant, and beautiful. All designs are created in-house. 
  • Major Benefits: The vibrant colors are woven into the fabric to make our bowties look 3D. This gives the ties the "POP"
  • Dry clean only
  • Imported Fabric
  • Dimensions are 2.5" wide bow tip

      Mask Description

      •Resuable, Non-medical fashion mask

      •Fabric: 100% Silk

      •Inside filter pouch (filter not included) 

      •Smooth breathing  

      •Adjustable elastic ear string  

      •Does not deform after long-time wear  

      •Custom design by Verse 9

      VERSE 9 limited edition collection